The Cuttlefish project has been migrated to github: Cuttlefish Github

The Project

Cuttlefish is a network workbench application that visualizes the networks with some of the best known layout algorithms. It allows detailed visualizations of the network data, interactive manipulation of the layout, graph edition and process visualization as well as different input methods and outputs in tex using Tikz and PSTricks. It is developed by the Chair of Systems Design of ETH Zürich , a research group that applies a complex system approach to investigate economic and social networks.

Start using Cuttlefish

Right now cuttlefish is only compatible to UNIX systems with the Java Runtime Environment 1.6 installed. You can download the latest version of Cuttlefish from our Cuttlefish Github page . Then cd to your downloads directory and run:

java -jar cuttlefish.jar

Cuttlefish File Formats

To represent network data and visualization details, Cuttlefish uses two new file formats. The first, Cuttlefish eXtended Format (cxf) defines network data like vertices, edges, weights and visualization information like labels, colors and shapes. The second file format is Cuttlefish Evolution Format (cef) that defines the changes happening in a network, which can be used to visualize network processes and algorithms. Cuttlefish is compatible with older file formats like Pajek and GraphML too.


Cuttlefish main window and ARF layout

More layouts supported by Cuttlefish

Cuttlefish interactive mouse

Join the project

Cuttlefish is an open source project part of Github published under GNU General Public License. To join the project visit our Cuttlefish Github page.