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Cuttlefish provides a plugin for Gephi's users to export Gephi's networks to CXF, which is the native file format for Cuttlefish.

Installing the plugin[edit]

Installing the Cxf Exporter plugin

To install the plugin, start Gephi and choose the Plugins button from the Tools menu on the top. Go to the tab called 'Available plugins' and locate the CxfExporter plugin in the list. Note that you might need to reload the plugins list by clicking on the 'Reload catalog' button. Check the box in front of CxfExporter, click 'Install' and follow the instructions.

For more information about using Gephi, please follow Gephi's documentation.

Using the Cxf Exporter plugin[edit]

The Cxf Exporter allows users to export networks from Gephi to the Cxf file format. To do so, choose the export to graph file option as shows as shown in the first screenshot below. Then, a window appears and asks where to store the file and in what format. Choose the 'Cuttlefish files' from the drop down menu and specify where the network should be exported. You can click on the 'Save' button and to export the network.

The Cxf format specifies different node and edge attributes such as color, size, width, etc. To specify exactly which attributes you would like to export, you can click on the Options button, whih is visible before you click on the 'Save' button. A new window appears where you can specify which attributes should be exported. Additionally, you can adjust the following three scaling parameters:

  • Node size - this parameter scales the size of the nodes. For instance, setting it to 2 would make the size of the nodes 2 times bigger in the cxf network.
  • Edge width - this parameter scaes the width of the edges.
  • Position - this parameter scales the x,y coordinates of the nodes. For instance, a node with coordinates (10,20) and scaling position with 0.5 would export the coordinates as (5,10).

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