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Cuttlefish is distributed as a Java jar file, which includes all third-party libraries requrired by Cuttlefish. To install Cuttlefish, you need to download the cuttlefish jar file and install java (version 6 or higher) on your machine:

Running Cuttlefish[edit]

Graphical interface[edit]

To run Cuttlefish, execute the jar file as follows:

  java -jar cuttlefish.jar

The above command will start up the graphical interface of Cuttlefish (see the screenshot below).

The main window of Cuttlefish

For more details please visit the Graphical interface tutorial.

Command line interface[edit]

Cuttlefish provides also a command line interface, which is convinient for integrating Cuttlefish with, e.g., scripts. To use the command line interface simply provide arguments to the jar file, execute the following to read the help menu:

   java -jar cuttlefish.jar --help

The above command prints the following:

  usage: java -jar cuttlefish.jar [options]
   -g,--gui                         start the graphical interface
   -h,--help                        prints this message
   -i,--input <input file>          input file
      --in-format <input format>    input format: cxf (default), json,
                                    graphml, pajek
   -l,--layout <layout>             network layout: arf (default),
                                    weighted-arf, k-core, kamada-kawai,
                                    fruchterman-reingold, iso-m, circle,
                                    tree, radial-tree
   -o,--output <output file>        output file
      --out-format <input format>   output format: tikz (default), cxf,
                                    applet, svg, json, cmx, graphml

For more details please visit the Command line interface tutorial.

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