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Cuttlefish Wiki[edit]

Cuttlefish is a project maintained by the Chair of Systems Design at ETH Zürich ( During our work with complex networks, we encountered two barriers to our research: The first one is that the classical spring layout algorithm often produce highly suboptimal results for the types of networks we are dealing with. This is due to the highly skewed degree distributions of complex networks. We addressed this issue by developing our own layout algorithm, ARF. Second, we found that available software for network analysis and visualization did not fit our specific needs and was hadly extendable. We addressed this by creating Cuttlefish. Its aim is to provide only the most general functionality needed and to offer the user a highly flexible plugin mechanism. This way we hope that Cuttlefish adapts to a wide range of tasks, just as the animal after which the project is named, adapts to its environment.

Cuttlefish heavily builts on the JUNG library also hosted on SourceForge: Java Universal Network/Graph Framework

This wiki documents Cuttlefish and serves a plattform for discussion. Please note that this projects is still in its infancy. This wiki and the project will evolve.

Cuttlefish 2.0 release notes: new features and screenshots of Cuttlefish 2.0

For users:

  • User documentation: Tutorials, instructions, and FAQs about how to install and use Cuttlefish.
  • ARF layout: Theoretical details about the ARF layout algorithm implemented in Cuttlefish

For developers:

  • Technologies used: External packages and technologies used in the development of Cuttlefish.