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Installing the Tikz Exporter plugin[edit]

To install the plugin you need to download the ch-ethz-sg-cuttlefish-tikz.nbm from the source forge web page of Cuttlefish. Start Gephi and click on the 'Plugins' button located in the Tools menu on the top. Go to tab 'Downloaded plugins' and browse to the ch-ethz-sg-cuttlefish-tikz.nbm file which you just downloaded.

Using the Tikz Exporter plugin[edit]

Using the Tikz Exporter plugin you can export a Gephi network to Tikz. You can manually adjust the Tikz output to your needs and compile it to pdf using a tikz to pdf compiler, e.g. pdflatex. For more details on compiling the Tikz output, read the tutorial on How to compile Tikz to Pdf.

To export a network to Tikz, choose the Export to SVG/PDF/PNG options from the file menu; see the first screenshot below. Specify where the network should be exported and select the Tikz files from the file type drop down box. Click on 'Save' to export the network to Tikz. Additionally, you can adjust some of the plugins parameters. You can change them by clicking on the 'Options' button before clickling on the 'Save' button'. A window with the following options appears:

  • Hide node labels - if you mark this option, the node labels will not be exported to the tikz file.
  • Hide edge labels - similarly, you can hide the edge labels
  • Node 3D ball effect - this options makes the nodes appear as 3D balls, if this options is not selected, the nodes appear as a circle.

You can also adjust the folloing parameters:

  • Node scaling factor - this parameter scales the size of the nodes. It should be adjusted if the size of the nodes is too small/large.
  • Edge scaling factor - similarly, you can adjust the width of the edges.
  • Coordinates scaling factor - finally, you can adjust the coordinates of the nodes. This option should be used when the nodes appear too close or too far from each other.

Known problems[edit]

The Tikz exporter plugin does not take into account the visual adjustments made in the Preview tab in Gephi. The preview tab allows users to visually tweak the network, e.g. hide labels, show labels, assign colors, etc. The Tikz export plugin is independent and exports the network as it is defined in the data laboratory tab.

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